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 It’s Saturday Night Live meets Cirque Du Soleil!

Alex & Patrick combine YouTube worthy tricks, music, and improvised comedy to create an epic performance your audience will never forget. They’ve got all the same great tricks of the circus without the tights.

Comedy’s been done, but never like this.

They’re new, fresh, and unstoppable. Project Dynamite’s unique performances have quickly established them as “the show unlike any other.”

With two People’s Choice Awards and Best Novelty Act Award, you won’t have to worry about if new is always better. It is. These two comedy nuts will have your audience rolling with laughter and awe as they match their award-winning skills against clever comedy that’s never been seen before. It’s interactive, intoxicating, and pants-down hilarious.

Performing at only the most exclusive venues and events, Project Dynamite is the show to book if you’re looking for something that will separate your event from the rest.


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